Can’t Find a Job Yet? Still Unemployed? Why can’t I find a job yet? There may be many reasons why you cannot find a job as yet. Here are some tips that might help change that for you. If you are struggling to find a job, recheck your CV and application form to see if […]

Let’s Get Back to Work

Let’s Get Back to Work Are you sick and tired of long-term unemployment? How can we help you get back to work? It’s a familiar story, and it usually goes like this. It can be a daunting feeling returning to work after an extended period off for, sickness, childcare, parental care or just a career […]
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How job and skill shortage affects the UK

Skill shortage in the UK There seems to be a problem facing the UK. With the realisation that a lack of talent and skill shortage mean. That people are being mismatched, for jobs required to ensure the UK economy grows. Employers are finding it difficult to fill positions according to the Employer Skills Survey (ESS). […]

What to do after you’ve been hacked

Hackers have stolen personal and banking information So you have been hacked, With so a lot of our private and banking information saved throughout more than a few online systems it is no surprise that hackers have sought to reap them for their profit. In December 4.6 million smartphone numbers belonging to users of Snapchat, […]

Best questions to ask during the Interview

Best questions to ask at the end of the job interview Wouldn’t it be great to know the answer! We’re going to cover the best questions to ask during an interview to make sure you nab that job. The interviewer will provide you with a chance to ask questions after they’ve finished the interview, so […]

Jobs in the UK after Brexit

Jobs in the UK after leaving the EU Want to know more about UK job prospects. On 29 March 2019, United Kingdom will leave the European Union.  Also, begin to plan a new course in the UK. Jobs in the UK after Brexit will be vocal to the rise in the global economic growth in […]

Dress code in the workplace

Business casual dress for women and men Dress code in the workplace should be reasonable, and make it a legitimate requirement for both women and men to justify its purpose. Employers can set an affordable traditional of dress and appearance that suits their trade, as long as they are do not discriminate. It is discriminatory […]

Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap what women should know Many employers can agree to do more to close the gender pay gap. Building and creating a more equale workforce is what we should be striving for. However, how can we do that if women are not represented equally in the labour force through their pay? The gender pay […]

How can employers help young people with UK skills gap

Young people searching for jobs At we draw in a significant number of young people searching for jobs. Some are searching for part-time weekend and evening work. To help fund their education. Others are searching for temporary positions, or graduate occupations and some school leavers who are hoping to start their apprenticeship. While these […]