Austerity and brexit, what will change

Austerity and Brexit, what will change For many in society, austerity has brought nothing but misery and has not done what the government claimed it would when first introduced. History may show that working class people are amongst the first to feel the impact of economic downturn and further impact on employment, housing, education health […]

Bullying and harassment in the workplace

Workplace bullying and harassment Bullying and harassment in the workplace are still a real issue. According to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, one in five UK workers have faced bullying and harassment at work; it has also been found that it is one of the leading causes of absenteeism from work and […]

Can’t find a job yet

Can’t find a job yet what can I do An extended period of unemployment can have low self-esteem and low bank balance. If you have been posting across town with CV and still aren’t getting any interviews, it is easy to sink into frustration and despair. You can take some small comfort in the knowledge […]

Race within the workplace

The government-commissioned review conducted by Baroness McGregor-Smith on Race within the workplace This 96-page study have some key recommendations ‎and Jobyet welcome the statement during this report Too many people are uncomfortable talking about race, but this has to change. If we are to truly be inclusive and build on the widest pool of talent […]

7 Reasons most talented employees quit

Here are seven of the highest reasons Keeping your best workers starts with understanding why staff leaves. Losing a skilled worker could be a terrible issue. There is the expense of finding, and training, and coaching a replacement. There is the uncertainty of however a brand new worker can work out. There is the hardship […]

A plumber Gary Smith has won a legal battle.

Gary Smith, the plumber A worker Gary Smith has won a legal battle for employment rights, that may have implications for thousands of employees across Britain’s booming gig economy. The Court  ruling The Court of Appeal ruled that Gary Smith, who worked for Pimlico Plumbers for six years till 2011, was entitled to fundamental rights […]

UK Jobs marketplace

Post-Brexit the barrier to move could increase extensively, making it just as tricky to move to France or transport goods as it is to the US. … As the reality of the Post-Brexit playing field becomes clear in UK jobs marketplace. UK employers must pull together to shout louder to attract talent and work tougher […]

Britain’s exit from the EU

The Brexit procedure The negotiations among Britain’s exit from the EU are sincerely predicted to be very complicated and could potentially prove contentious. It may be expected that there may be debates about how nicely establishments, inclusive of the UK government, or individuals, including, Donald Tusk President of the European Council, are coping with the […]

Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK

So the House of Commons has a debate regarding Donald Trump’s immigration policy and the state visit invitation. However despite all of the outrage. Theresa May says his ‘State Visit’ is still going ahead. So much for listening to the people Theresa. What now? The on-line petition has over and still growing. How do the […]
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