Still unemployed

Can’t Find a Job Yet, Still Unemployed.

Can't Find a Job? Try This Instead. We Can Help.

Can’t Find a Job Yet? Still Unemployed?

Can’t  Find a Job? Try This Instead. We Can Help.

Why can’t I find a job yet?

There may be many reasons why you cannot find a job as yet. Here are some tips that might help change that for you.

If you are struggling to find a job, recheck your CV and application form to see if there are things that you could change, update any information that becomes relevant, i.e. voluntary work and gets rid of anything that seems of little interest.

If you have some jobs that only last a few months, this may make future employers uneasy. They are thinking

This person doesn’t appear to stay around too long, not worth investing time and money

make sure you explain why there are so many short-term employment and that you are very interested in working permanently and would love the opportunity of working for them.

If you were a full-time or part-time student, explain this fact, as this will explain why the short-term job roles.

Government Programs

Surviving without a job can be very challenging and stressful, try not to worry and keep focussed on what you need to do. Check to see if you are entitled to any assistance. There are government programs that can assist you with paying your bills for a period, so check out the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to see what benefits you may be entitled to.

While you are unemployed, the best thing you can do is to keep busy. Apply for jobs every day by browsing the papers and help wanted ads, on-line job sites via the internet, drop off resumes in person or via scan directly to potential employers.

Email Address

If you have left an email address and phone number, check your emails every day and any phone messages if you can make your email as professional as possible with your name.surname@gmail, Yahoo, don’t have a funny or sexy email for job purposes, as it will look like you are not serious about getting a job.

Return phone messages and email contacts from any potential employer straight away; otherwise, it may look like you are not interested and they will go elsewhere very quickly.

Check CV mistakes

Check your CV and application form several times for any spelling errors and typos, ask someone to read it for you too, as they will check any mistakes that you might have missed, this will help and mean that you will not have to re-check every time you send off to a potential employer.

Check out how you might get further assistance in the job market – good luck

How to hold onto your job

How to hold onto your job

Change is not easy A once-loved career is no longer stimulating or providing the once loved job satisfaction.

Career Crisis


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