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Can’t find a job yet what can I do

An extended period can’t find a job yet what can I do. His can have low self-esteem and low bank balance.

If you have been posting across town and city with CV and still aren’t getting any interviews, it is easy to sink into frustration and despair.

You can take some small comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your struggle to find a job.

Although the number of the unemployment rate (aged 16 and over, seasonally adjusted) has fallen over the past year. People out of work and looking for employment, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Estimates of the number of vacancies and jobs for the UK. Vacancies and jobs in the UK in September 2019:

It would help if you networked more.

Almost all jobs lately are found through networking. If you are applying through job boards like jobyet.co.uk, looking the net, wishing on recruiters or responding to require ads, ’re.. are not doing enough. Must talk to friends and family plus social media.

Talk to people about the hidden job market. Although the idea that 90% of all job openings are never advertised. Moreover, as I have aforementioned elsewhere, your CV is nearly useless.

Recheck your CV

Ask anyone who’s ever tried to employ somebody for an open position, and they are bound to tell you a couple of stories regarding the resume blunders they have seen.

Three-quarters of time unit managers have noticed lies on a candidate’s CV, jobyet.co.uk found. 

One quart of executives to whom staffing firm talked about the same applicants’ CVs and the cover letter usually contained typos or grammatical mistakes.

Resisting the urge to proofread your CV is critical if you hope to land a job. However, an errors-free CV gained, may not be enough to get you an interview.

Your CV also needs to sell you and your skills to a potential company efficiently.


Work free, you may ask? You are probably thinking “No way,” But spending a while assisting others might, in reality, improve your odds of getting work.

We at jobyet.co.uk discovered, Volunteering extended an unemployed person’s chances of finding employment through 20%, odds of finding a job.

All so volunteering will help people build their network, making it easier to seek out employment.

It can also assist them in developing job skills that make them appealing to employers.

In our survey, eighty per cent of people involved in hiring decisions stated that seeing volunteer work on a candidate’s resume could make them more likely to employ that person.

Extend your options

We have heard this before companies say they are experiencing a talent shortage. So why can’t you find a job? You might be in the wrong place.

The job market is expected to be relatively weak for full-time employment in some major cities.

Unfortunately, moving across the country, hoping you will find a job can be risky, especially if you are already unemployed. You have family money will be tight.

You can apply for jobs in other cities and make it clear you are willing to relocate.

However, if there are lots of local applicants, your location might be a strike against you.

To boost your chances, use a friend or family member’s local address (if you have one) on your CV, and scour your LinkedIn, groups, and Facebook contacts for people you know in your target area so you can start working your network.

If you can manage it, consider relocating, even temporarily, to a city where your research shows there might be better prospects.

Increase your options

To restart your employment job search, you might need to adjust your vision. Your most recent job might have been in a particular industry, or closed defined role.

If you cannot find a similar job, your only option is to widen the search (or face a long spell of unemployment and not finding a job).


You can focus new life into your job search by training and be learning new skills, which can open up more possibilities. Sometimes, retraining for a whole new career is the best move so you can get out of a dying industry and into one with more available jobs.

Can’t find a job? But despite your best efforts, Consider these tips

  • Review your CV/Resume

  • Get skills, education, or job experience

  • Talk to people

  • Expand your horizons

  • Broaden your options

  • Try temping

How employers use social media to hire and fire. You may have polished your resume to perfection.

Made sure to fill out each job application thoroughly and more efficiently, and purchased a business suit for interviews.

Nevertheless, Although you are taken the time to review, how your Facebook or social media profile may look to potential will not and employers?

A 2016 recruiting study performed by Jobyet.co.uk, discovered that an impressive 80 per cent of recruiters review, a candidate’s social public profiles before deciding whether to hire them.

This means that what you share with friends on Facebook can have more of an impact on your job search than you may think.

To ensure that your Facebook and social media profile account passes inspection, here are some of the most significant offences to avoid.

Posting unacceptable pictures

A Facebook profile that is littered full of with pictures of drunken partying. Will leave potential companies, and employers second speculating whether a candidate is an excellent fit.

It also applies to pictures that you share with friends even though they are not of you.

A Somebody who consistently shares sexually provocative photos is unlikely to be a company’s top applicant.

References to illegal drug use

Business and employers want a drug free workplace.

References referrals to sources on your Facebook profile to illegal drug use – even jokingly – can be a huge turn off to many hiring managers.

It is advisable to avoid any talk of illegal drug use on your social media profile altogether.

Bad mouthing your present or past employer

Posts and complaining about how an awful lot you hate, your job or how dumb you watched your boss. Will not do you any favours in your job search.

Those forms of posts positioned you in a bad light and can make a hiring manager cautious of adding you to their team.

Having posts filled with spelling and grammatical errors

You were having posts full of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes even though your Facebook articles or blog posts are meant to be seen by your close friends.

Several hiring managers will be turned off if they are filled with poor spelling, grammar, and errors.

Potential employers consider your online posts to evaluate your communication skills. They may check at hiring someone who does not take the time to spell-check, what they are sharing openly on their social media profile.

Using profanity in your posts

You are using profanity in your posts. The excessive use of profanity in your Facebook posts can damage your chances of getting a job.

Hiring managers want someone who gives off the image of being clean-cut and professional.

Also, profanity-laced rants just don’t fit that model. It is best to keep your posts clean.

Making racist comments.

You are making biased opinions, while we are all entitled to our views. You should tread lightly in regards to making your thoughts on the delicate and sensitive subject public.

Making remarks that may be seen as discriminatory associated with race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

Can send potential employers running in the other direction.

Companies do not want to hire somebody they worry may cast, a poor light on them in the future.

So sometimes it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

When starting a job search, it is advisable to review your social media account.

Also, remove whatever may be observed as doubtful by potential businesses.

It includes posts and photographs that others tag you in.

All your social media profile reflects who you are, so ensure to exchange yourself in the competitive market in a positive way.


Employers use social media to hire and fire.

  • Avoid off posting pictures of drunken partying.

  • Jokingly about drug use is a no-no.

  • Do not make racist comments.

  • This will do you no favours by bad-mouthing your present or past employer.

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