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How Job and Skill Shortage Affects the UK

Skill shortage in the UK There seems to be a problem facing the UK. With the realisation that a lack of talent and skill shortage means. That people are mismatched, for jobs required to ensure the UK economy grows. Employers are finding it difficult to fill positions according to the Employer Skills Survey (ESS). The […]

Casual contracts – What you can expect from an employer

Casual contracts for employers to consider There will be some employers who will be thinking about taking on staff on an informal contracts basis to cover temporarily over the summer holiday and Christmas periods. Here are many issues employers will need to think about when taking on people temporarily. The employment status of the worker […]

How to Write a Good Resume Headline

A resume headline is a short phrase that shows your value as an applicant. A headline allows a recruiter to see quickly and concisely why am I  the right person for the job. Resume headlines are well suited for candidates with lots of experience; a headline offers ways to condense your skills and work experience […]