Let’s Get Back to Work

Let’s Get Back to Work Are you sick and tired of long-term unemployment? How can we help you get back to work? It’s a familiar story, and it usually goes like this. It can be a daunting feeling returning to work after an extended period off for whatever reason, be it sickness, childcare, parental care […]
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Best questions to ask during the Interview

Best questions to ask at the end of the job interview Wouldn’t it be great to know the answer! We’re going to cover the best questions to ask during an interview to make sure you nab that job. The interviewer will provide you with a chance to ask questions after they’ve finished the interview, so […]

Jobs in the UK after Brexit

Jobs in the UK after leaving the EU Want to know more about UK job prospects. On 29 March 2019, United Kingdom will leave the European Union.  Also, begin to plan a new course in the UK. Jobs in the UK after Brexit will be vocal to the rise in the global economic growth in […]

Dress code in the workplace

Business casual dress for women and men Dress code in the workplace should be reasonable, and make it a legitimate requirement for both women and men to justify its purpose. Employers can set an affordable traditional of dress and appearance that suits their trade, as long as they are do not discriminate. It is discriminatory […]

Black people face invisible barriers in the workplace

Black people face invisible barriers in the workplace Research has shown that “Black people face invisible barriers, reinforces by biased and inconsistent performance management and selection process.” According to Acas: (Help & advice for employers and employees) “The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against employees, job seekers and trainees because of their […]

Austerity and brexit, what will change

Austerity and Brexit, what will change For many in society, austerity has brought nothing but misery and has not done what the government claimed it would when first introduced. History may show that working class people are amongst the first to feel the impact of economic downturn and further impact on employment, housing, education health […]

Bullying and harassment in the workplace

Workplace bullying and harassment Bullying and harassment in the workplace are still a real issue. Bullying and harassment is behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended. Examples of bullying or harassing behaviour include: spreading malicious rumours unfair treatment picking on or regularly undermining someone denying someone’s training or promotion opportunities Bullying and harassment can […]

Can’t find a job yet

Can’t find a job yet what can I do An extended period of unemployment can have low self-esteem and low bank balance. If you have been posting across town and city with CV and still aren’t getting any interviews, it is easy to sink into frustration and despair. You can take some small comfort in […]

Governments Bereavement Planned Disaster

Governments Bereavement planned changes in April could leave future widowed parents in upheaval Hearing the sad story of terminally ill Alan and Rachel on LBC (Saturday 1st April) left me cold and bewildered with the Governments plans to cut this significant benefit to bereaved husbands, wives and civil partners. Alan is terminally ill, and if […]

Race within the workplace

The government-commissioned review conducted by Baroness McGregor-Smith on Race within the workplace This 96-page study have some key recommendations ‎and Jobyet welcome the statement during this report Too many people are uncomfortable talking about race, but this has to change. If we are to truly be inclusive and build on the widest pool of talent […]