Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap what women should know Many employers can agree to do more to close the gender pay gap. Building and creating a more equale workforce is what we should be striving for. However, how can we do that if women are not represented equally in the labour force through their pay? The gender pay […]

How can employers help young people with UK skills gap

Young people searching for jobs At we draw in a significant number of young people searching for jobs. Some are searching for part-time weekend and evening work. To help fund their education. Others are searching for temporary positions, or graduate occupations and some school leavers who are hoping to start their apprenticeship. While these […]

Bullying and harassment in the workplace

Workplace bullying and harassment Bullying and harassment in the workplace are still a real issue. Bullying and harassment is behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended. Examples of bullying or harassing behaviour include: spreading malicious rumours unfair treatment picking on or regularly undermining someone denying someone’s training or promotion opportunities Bullying and harassment can […]

Government’s Autumn Statement on Wednesday

We’ll be watching the Government’s announcements The Chancellor Philip Hammond will be making his first big speech to the House of Commons following week along with his Autumn statement. He is expected to outline new government’s spending plans for Britain and with Brexit looming the stakes are high. Expected announcements encompass measures to stimulate the […]