How can employers help young people with UK skills gap

Young people searching for jobs At we draw in a significant number of young people searching for jobs. Some are searching for part-time weekend and evening work. To help fund their education. Others are searching for temporary positions, or graduate occupations and some school leavers who are hoping to start their apprenticeship. While these […]

UK Jobs marketplace

Post-Brexit the barrier to move could increase extensively, making it just as tricky to move to France or transport goods as it is to the US. … As the reality of the Post-Brexit playing field becomes clear in UK jobs marketplace. UK employers must pull together to shout louder to attract talent and work tougher […]

How can managers deal with employees stress

How to deal with stress Happy New Year and welcome back. Donald Trump, Tube Strike, stressful morning and I’m not at work yet! The term we used every day but line manager needs to recognise the signs and signals. Also you need to know how to prevent stress recurring in the first place. Stress Symptoms […]

How to Write a Resignation

Make a resignation formal with a letter I quit! Also, walking out of the office is long gone. We come across this regularly in recruitment. People get jumpy very easily because employee thinks the “grass is always greener on the other side.” Traditional resignation letters are a thing of the past. These days, it is […]

What to do after you’ve been hacked

Hackers have stolen personal and banking information So you have been hacked, With so a lot of our private and banking information saved throughout more than a few online systems it is no surprise that hackers have sought to reap them for their profit. In December 4.6 million smartphone numbers belonging to users of Snapchat, […]

Don’t Let Social Media Cost You a Job

You may have polished your resume to perfection. Made sure to fill out each job application completely and more efficiently, and purchased a business suit for interviews. Nevertheless, Although you are taken the time to review. How your Facebook or social media profile may look to potential will not and employers? A 2016 recruiting study […]