CHOOSING the right office space for your business.


Choosing office space can be very challenging.

Whether it’s a move to your very first office or to your twentieth there are essential questions you need to ask yourself.

Looking for the perfect Location

For small companies making the transition from a private workplace, or starting out with their private premises. Finding the right office area is crucial. In case you want to minimise the quantity of square footage you need. advises enforcing some clever desk policies. Just because you employ 20 people, it does not imply you want 20 desks.

Working practices along with table reserving and hotdesking can work wonders If many of your staff of workers is best in the workplace at certain times in the course of the day or week. You have identified office space in your dream area, but the location is about more than just the neighbourhood, there’s more to consider.

Research the local community

It is important to note the success rate of local businesses. The last thing you want is to be situated within a host of boarded-up, empty premises. Think about the security of the community as well and what’s close to the office. Is there a good bus route, cab or taxis, health club, gym nearby? Coffee shop, after work bar? All of these things are essential for keeping your clients and staff happy!

Here are some questions to ask yourself, and commercial property agents

Question one Is it Convenient for my clients to get there easily?
Question two Is there a good train and bus route for my employees? In case you discover a workplace that ticks these two boxes, then you are well on your way to finding a good location.

Question three gives you an entirely broad indication of affordability. Also, asking about hidden expenses helps, you protect yourself towards being stung with charges and other expenses, you did not anticipate. Are also substantial fees to consider on top of your monthly rent? Landlords are within their rights to charge a fee for the cost of maintaining and repairing the building and providing additional services.
The Fourth question is simply to make certain you are getting the excellent deal possible. Do a short evaluation with different offices in the areas to make certain you are getting great value for money.
Also, your will need a conference room and breakout area. You shall want a place to meet like a meeting room, with customers, and your colleagues want someplace to eat their lunch!
Here’s a series of questions that’ll help you work out that infrastructure in your new office is going to be adequate, so don’t skimp on floor space.

  • How many people do I currently employ?
  • Over what period will I add the staff?
  • Does this office have a dedicated postal address?
  • Do I have a dedicated space for meetings with clients?
  • Does each employee need an individual desk or is sharing possible?
  • Do I have room to grow staffing levels in line with growth projections?
  • What kind of staff will I be adding, executive, administrative, or sales?
  • Have I factored in the cost of any Internet access into the price I shall be paying for this space?
  • Can I contact any other businesses in the building to share their experiences of the infrastructure?

Fire exits

Does your chosen premises have current fire plans? Ensure the property has the correct number of fire escapes in the event of an emergency.

Disabled access

An increasingly important factor to consider when selecting your first office space. Is to ensure the building has access for your clients and staff, meets the current disability discrimination act (DDA) regulations.

Security retainers

Within the terms and conditions of many tenancy agreements, you will additionally be required to pay a security retainer, in the form of deposit, this will be returned to you at the end of your agreement, issue to dilapidations over the path of the tenancy period.


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