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Here is your complete guide to writing a CV cover letter

Write a curriculum vitae and cover letters of career advice

How to write your CV

Writing CV and cover letters for career advice. Shouldn’t be a regurgitation of your CV.

Instead, it should highlight in on a few key skills and experiences on your CV that the employer values the most. So here’s how to write a cv and cover letters.

A personal profile, otherwise known as a personal statement, (“CV profile or perhaps even a career Profile’). Also a result, your cover letter should be bespoke for every application.

If you want a job interview, it should be the most impressive part of your CV. You know that your CV has to stand out from your competition.

So It’s important to take the time to create a concise yet well-written introduction to your qualifications, skills, and experience.

This small paragraph sits at the top of your CV, concisely and effectively displaying who you are.

Therefore take a look at our key points and some ideas on how to write your CV.

It’s about selling your skills and experience. Also, make sure your CV does not go over two pages because the third page will most likely never be read.

Applying for a job role with, little or no work experience. Where unless you meet most of the requirements, on your CV. It may not be a good idea, to apply for the job.

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Maybe your CV is not good enough.

If you want to maximise your chances of landing job interviews. There are further key points to a good CV that is most quickly demonstrated.

Don’t cover everything in your CV. Getting this right and you will have taken your first step towards a new job!

That you have the perfect skills and knowledge to perform the jobs, you are applying for. It’s that simple.” No way is it that simple!”

If a prospective employer has 100 CVs to go through in just an hour, they won’t read everything.

They will skim over, and your CV might not be up to the job?. To help you increase your chances of success, Click for CV template download.

Please make sure you use one of our high-quality CV templates. We know how to write a CV and cover letters. Also, it can be a confusing task.


Whether you’re graduate an unemployed, with no experience or a professional looking for a career break.

Our free templates are designed to take the pain out of writing your job application.

CV and cover letters and how to write and applications. Careers advise.
Overview…how to write a successful CV and cover letter.

A covering letter accompanies your CV as part of an application for a job.
It provides further detail on how your skill set aligns with the role. You are applying for.

Do your research

Before you write your cover letter, research is a crucial part of many aspects of job hunting, and before you begin writing your cover letter, you need to make sure you’ve done your research properly.

Things you should research before writing are cover letter:

  • Who will be reading your cover letter
  • The skills and experience mentioned in the job description
  • Company Culture and Its Importance
  • Their competitors and market position
  • The sector and any recent news or trends
  • The company goals for 2020 and beyond

Build up a good knowledge of the company and industry. Helps you to tailor your cover letter for each job application, for each company you apply to, and shows your passion for the job and sector.

When writing a cover letter, never underestimate the importance of this first contact with a potential employer.

Basic Format Cover letter

There’s a basic format for writing a cover letter that you can follow each time. However, every letter you write should be bespoke to the specific job role or company you’re applying for. Follow these tips on how to write an effective cover letter.

What to Include in a Cover Letter:

  • Which position interests you and why
  • Your most relevant skills and experiences
  • Prove how your skills and experiences can add value to the employer
  • Requesting an interview

Your cover letter is your first, and best, chance to sell the hiring manager on your candidacy for employment, so make sure it’s perfect.  proofreading it for any spelling or grammar errors.

How to structure and write a cover letter

Below is a basic break down of how you should structure your cover letter for 2020:

In 2018, it’s very rare for cover letters to be hard copies as most are sent online. However, traditional cover letter conventions state that your cover letter should be written like any other formal business letter, even if you’re emailing it.

Start with your address and contact details in the top right-hand corner. Make sure your contact details are sensible – email addresses like won’t make you look very professional!  You should then follow this with the address of the company you’re applying for and the date further down and on the left-hand side.

Funny mistakes CV disasters

We bring you some fantastic CV’s that people were not thinking about, for others, the stress and anxiety that comes from looking for a job or changing careers proves to be too much for their editing mind.

While some of the Funny mistakes CV disasters, appear to be massive. Honest ones, others among them are excellent examples of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Recruiters and hiring managers don’t just scrutinise applicants’ CVs and cover letters.

Researchers earlier showed they’re also sticklers for grammar and spelling. So ask trusted friends and work colleagues to review your CV before emailing to the prospective employer.

How to write hobbies and interests on a CV

Hobbies are activities or pastimes that are carried out regularly in your spare time. Common hobbies and interests are sports, music, and dance, art, blogging, or reading. – usually for fun, or way of making money.

Write hobbies on a CV is a way to showcase your personality. However, if you don’t have much work experience or relevant qualifications. It’s a good idea to add them.

Information to employers about professional skills and experience. This is more important, To determine if you are a good cultural fit and this will enhance your CV.

Therefore a listing of your hobbies should be lower regarding priority and included at the end of the CV document.