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So you’ve found a job, great! That you want to apply for… Now how to get it! Take a look at our recommendation on how to write an appropriate CV and cover letter

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But your current CV might not be up to the job?. To help you increase your chances of success, Click for CV template.

Funny mistakes CV disasters

We bring you some unusual CV’s that people were not thinking about, for others, the stress and anxiety that comes from looking for a job or changing careers proves to be too much for their editing mind.

How to write your Cover Letter

When writing a cover letter, never underestimate the importance of this first contact with a potential employer.

How to write a CV with no work experience

Applying for a job role where unless you meet most of the requirements, on your CV. May not be a good idea.

How to write hobbies on a cv

This section of an application form is of opportunity to showcase your personality. The interest and hobbies section on your CV,

How to make a video CV latest trends

while they are not suitable for every job, a video CV is worth considering for areas of work where personality is essential.

Creative application forms tips

A will creative application form, If you are looking for inspiration on how to create a well-crafted application form. Here are some tips to look at.

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