Funny mistakes CV disasters

Employer Will Not Read Funny CV mistakes.

CV disasters or Over the Top CV’s? bloopers and mix-ups can happen.

Funny mistakes

We bring you some unusual CV’s that people were not thinking about, for others, the stress and anxiety that comes from looking for a job or changing careers proves to be too much for their editing mind. You might be so concerned about getting a job, and you overlook common mistakes you would never miss otherwise.

When they emailed over their CV’s, it was too late to correct the errors; and this is made even worse when you are applying for a new job. Just don’t make the same mistakes when you press send.

These first ten mistakes are relatively common. (9)

“I am attacking my CV for you to review.” (attaching)


“Hope to hear from you, shorty” (shortly)


“I speak fluent English and Spinach” (Spanish)


“I can type without looking at thekeyboard .” (the keyboard)


“Dear Sir or Madman ,” (Madam)


“I am bilingual in Spanish, French and Italians.” (tri)


“Directed £5 million anal shipping and receiving operations.” (annual)


“Student today. Vice president tomarrow.” (tomorrow)


“I attended collage courses.” (college)


To be honest, typos on a CV will affect your chances of success in employment. Any potential employer will almost certainly bin a CV with typos, even if they are funny or amusing. Be mindful not to be over the top. There’s a big difference between ambition and stupidity,  be sure you are not shooting yourself in the foot with a CV blooper.


You need to know how to market yourself, and spelling mistakes will not help to do this. Take a break and come back to it later. You will undoubtedly see something else. Send it to as many friends and family as you can. Every eye gravitates toward and catches something different may be spelling mistakes.

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