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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers relating to the candidate. FAQ is a great place to start.

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We are sad to see you leave. Cancelling your subscription (login to your dashboard) is easy, or just send us a quick email and we will be happy to cancel your subscript or to stop your automatic payments if any.

To create a jobs email alert follow the below steps:

Click the jobs email button then Type in 


then Click on Register now




How to register an account:

Click on register on the top right of jobyet.co.uk website

then choose CANDIDATE or EMPLOYER fill in USER NAME, EMAIL, PASSWORD, then click on register.


Yes, you can apply to all the job vacancies that are available on our website. Just keep in mind that when applying for a job you need to consider your skills and experience, don’t expect a call from a hiring Manager if you are applying in a vacancy that is not related in your field.

If you haven’t used job alerts before, here’s why you should get started today. At its core, a job alert is an email or push notification that lets you know when a position that meets your criteria becomes available on this site. When you create one, you set a variety of parameters, such as job titles, industries, companies, location, and minimum pay rates. Then, the system automatically lets you know when a new role is posted that meets your criteria, alleviating the need for you to run the search yourself every day. It’s Simple

Yes, this is one of the search criteria. Select a location and choose how far you are willing to travel

To increase your chances of your resume getting viewed by many employers, you need to set up a highly competitive profile. Make sure that you have a clear profile picture with a fully informative description.

To see your profile Click the login button then Click on edit my profile, then scroll down to   SHOW PROFILE Click on yes or no.


Fill all the required columns, never miss a required info-jobyet.co.uk does ask for it in bold red letters. Your CV/Resume will start showing up in searches.

Once you are viewing a job posting, right at the bottom of the posting will be buttons to apply for that job. Please note that you will need an account and must login to apply for any job.

Nothing to do with your resume, employers no longer bother to acknowledge an application. Some automated application systems will send an acknowledgement of receipt to let you know you successfully submitted your application, but otherwise don’t expect to be informed of anything unless they want you for an interview. And even after interviewing you may not hear back unless they want to hire you.

If you are getting this message below your job posting it just means that you as an employer cannot apply for this job. Candidates will see the apply button. To test the apply option please log out and then view the job posting again.

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