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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers relating to the candidate. FAQ is a great place to start.

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We are sad to see you leave. Cancelling your subscription (login to your dashboard) is easy, or just send us a quick email and we will be happy cancel your subscript or to stop your automatic payments if any.

To create a jobs email alert follow the below steps:

Click the jobs email button then Type in 


then Click on Register now




How to register a account:

Click on register on top rigth of jobyet.co.uk website

then choose CANDIDATE or EMPLOYER fill in USER NAME, EMAIL,PASSWORD, then click on register.


Let us do the work for you and search the jobs you want. Register for a Job Alert. You will need to register on our Jobyet.co.uk website and create a username and password in order to receive job alerts.

Yes, this is one of the search criteria. Select a location and choose how far you are willing to travel

To see your profile Click the login button then Click on edit my profile, then scroll down to   SHOW PROFILE Click on yes or no.


Once you are viewing a job posting, right at the bottom of the posting will be buttons to apply for that job. Please note that you will need an account and must login to apply for any job.

If you are getting this message below your job posting it just means that you as an employer cannot apply for this job. Candidates will see the apply button. To test the apply option please log out and then view the job posting again.

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