Hilarious and strange answers on application forms

Hilarious and strange answers on application forms

Misguided job seekers that did not get the job.

You've filled them out on a job application or for customer service. Here are some strange answers.

Hilarious answers on application forms

When completing an application, funny answers on an application form, this can sometimes be tricky. Employers understand that the odd mistake might be made, but some errors cannot glance over. Hilarious answers on the application form is a no-no, and will not get that job.

Here are some unexplainable gaffes:

  • Reason for leaving the last job – my manager was an I***t

  • Size of current employer – 6’2”

  • What is your best asset? – my bum

  • Sign and date – Gemini and no thanks

  • Skills – excellent memory, skills at remembering

The above are easy questions to answer, many are misunderstanding, some are frankly more disturbing, and others are rude. An employer only requires you to use common sense and clear understanding of the question.

Make sure on the application form that you go over your work history. Also, the answers that you give are not cynical, combative or just plain clueless. It will not get you shortlisted, let alone a job.

Don’t mislead or lie on an application form

Giving misleading information or lying on your application form is a massive no go area. Not only will you get caught out in the end, but you will cut short any chances of ever being considered for a position in the organisation. You are applying for and any associated clients they deal with ever again.

It is mind-blowing that some candidates still have not understood or idea that their scheme can be rumbled. So don’t go there it is not worth it.

When you try and be whacky, and the application form is to blame

It is essential to stand out from the crowd, so of course, you want to make your application form unique. However, remember to make sure you are forgotten for the right reasons. Making your application form too whacky will have it talked about within the office rather than getting you an interview.

Of course, some application forms from employers can make silly mistakes, or be confusing to the applicant or ask pointless questions.

Here are some matters that are only ambiguous and almost begs for the response it gets:

  • Strengths – lifting
  • Available to work – of course anytime
  • Weakness – chocolate

How you want to be contacted

It is not just what you say on your application form that can raise eyebrows. However, how you wish to be contacted for an interview. Make sure your email address is representing, what you want to reveal about you and consistent with your excellent application form.

Email addresses can also be an eye-opener for a potential employer, and are as relevant as what you have written; this can say a lot about you. After all, who wants to type in a job offer to sexyformyskin@xxxxx.com or happybunny@xxxxx.co.uk

Make sure you have an email address that represents you and your personality as a professional. This could also be the difference in getting that all-important interview.

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