How recruiters find candidates.

How recruiters find candidates trends

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How recruiters find candidates trends

How recruiters find candidates trends , although advertising is still the most prominent method for bringing candidates and employers together, there are plenty of other ways old and new that you can do to fill job vacancies. It is therefore handy to know and be familiar with all available paths of employment, and don’t expect all of them to be digital.

Personal recommendation

There are estimated to be between 20% and 40% of new appointments that are made in the job market as a result of ‘word of mouth’, although you are still required to participant in a recruitment process, building up your network is a good way of keeping your name in their thoughts’.

Keep up with ex-colleagues, friends and even ex-bosses as they move around jobs, have drinks with them, join professional forums, and contribute to discussions on befriending them on social media. Soon your name will start attracting employers.

How recruiters find candidates to fill job vacancies

It is through recruiters that can determine the difference in you is getting the job or not.

Ever wondered why you never see a suitable job in the time that would suit you and your experience/qualification? Alternatively, a job got filled by someone else so quickly? Recruiters are the answer.

Employers are seeking out recruiters to do the ‘hard work’ for them. Write out the job description for the role, advertise the positions and start the recruiting process.

This method of recruitment is making the difference when looking for suitable candidates for positions. Searching through job sites and applying for new roles as directed will not be enough. Let’s look at how recruiters find candidates.

Using social media, job sites and personal websites

It is important to note recruiters will either be in-house or external; in-house recruiters will hire only for the company they work for. However external recruiters will hire on behalf of different companies. External recruiters often work in recruitment agencies.

Here are three ways recruiters use to find candidates;

1: Social media

When Facebook and Twitter first started off, they were a leisure facility, to catch up with friends and make plans to arrange to get together. The potential recruitment for.

Companies and even government departments have meant an increase in their online presence. With over a billion plus users and growing every day, it is too much of a big job market not to be head hunting on these social sites.

Other methods are by posting vacant job adverts. Make sure you use key words, so this will save time for recruiters as they will not read through all job applications or CV’s, it is important that your application read exactly what is in the title and ensure this is the particular subject heading in your email.

Remember this social media platform can be used to check out your social activity before an offer of interview or job is made to you. So keep a clean profile on any social media, and mention anything that might seem positive for the job’s you are applying for.

If you are anxious about a potential employer seeing the immature post and unflattering pictures – you can always set your account to private mode.

2: LinkedIn

This social media is a professional website, and you would be foolish to ignore this opportunity. This professional site allows recruiters to interact with potential employees and head hunt. Make yourself visible to recruiters on LinkedIn. Attend networking events, use all professional means to connect with people as much as you can.

Ensure you update your profile, qualifications, experience background and positions you are interested in. Make it easy to find and access for recruiters then you have a good chance of being selected.

So sign up, link up and make yourself available, it’s the right thing to do.

3: Job fairs

Job fairs are still an important part of the recruitment scene, especially selling for young newly qualified candidates, who are looking for that first vital job. Whether you are having an open to all job fair, at major exhibition centres or on your university sites, job fairs have survived threaten extinction and appear to be popular and flourishing.

Find out where important job fairs are taking place and go, remember to think, act and dress as though you are going for a job interview. Bring a batch of your CV’s with you, it is an opportunity, and you never know who you might meet.

Finding a suitable work placement via an internship is a good stable stage in your early career and will enhance your employability and rewarding regarding gaining experience.

4: Internships

A good proportion of internships can turn into full-time jobs after qualification. If they know you, trust you, like you, why not favour you for the job above a similarly qualified stranger? But do not be complacent you will still need to apply yourself in your CV, application form and if selected interview.

If you are fortunate enough to get a proper placement, work hard and while you are there make sure you network you never know what opportunities open up to you.

5: CV database and Smartphone apps – the future

CV database All available sites should be accessed and uploading your CV to a particular professional, regional, national and international database site. Is very much like a dating site – except their all about finding a job rather than get you, love. This easy and efficient way of putting yourself on the job market a novel way of selling yourself.

Employer subscribers so they can go through thousands of potential candidates, and narrow down their options to a dozen or so of candidates and you never know you could be one of them.

Remember always to update your CV

Smartphone apps are the future of recruitment. A clear extension of social media, with one major online recruitment company claiming these hand-held devices up its audience by 30% in recruitment via mobile by mid-2012, more than double the figure a year before.

If you do not have a Smartphone, get one soon – with new ideas being explored. Soon you might be able to upload your CV, link it to your Linked-in-profile, modify it, manage interview appointments and attach images for a PowerPoint presentation, all with the touch of your iPhone screen – technology is growing and the future looks digital.

All in all

Getting hired by recruiters is another way of finding you your ideal job. Focus on making yourself stand out and get on with finding yourself the perfect job.

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