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Write an effective job advert

Preparing to write the advert

The job advert is to attract the right applicant’s, communicate quickly and precisely what you are looking for. Use positive language that will engage a candidate and keep them reading. When recruiting, understands it will be challenging, facing anyone looking to hire staff.  So there is, We at Jobyet give you the edge.  How to write an effective job advert templates and examples.

How to write a job posting

Write a job posting is to grab the attention of an ideal type of candidate, on all job boards.

If you are seeking a high calibre, and knowledgeable candidate then your job advert needs to be more than just one more on a job board.

You know what I’m tired of hearing? How to write a job posting in 5 steps or 5 easy steps,”  there are no quick, easy steps!. When applying the basic rules of, successful job advertising.  Please look at the structure, style, content, also search-friendly keywords to attract passive online job seekers.

Remember, your advertisement needs to beat the competition, to attract the very best candidates.

So we have put together some of these pointers below:

Your Job Advert, Only Better

The job advert is to attract the right applicant’s

What to include in writing a job description

We will now break down the job advert one section at a time to help you gain a better understanding of what to include in your job description. We’ll also illustrate this with templates and examples.

Use the templates or examples of job postings below, to help write your job description and increase your job posting results. Then when you’re ready, post your job for free on to reach the very best candidate’s, who are qualified for the job.

Best job advert examples five sections: Job title,  Job Introduction,  Job Requirements, Company Information, and a Call to Action.

Job title

Create the job title most important part of writing an advert is getting the job title right. Don’t overcomplicate your job titles. Use common search terms,  This is the best way to attract the most relevant candidates.


The job title that is targeted and searches friendly keywords, that attract the most relevant and qualified job seekers to apply to your open roles. The best keywords are,  “accountant,” or “bookkeeper.”  these keywords are not searched friendly “Director of Adventure Management Operations” or “Director of Office Supplies and Beverage Distribution.”

Job Introduction

A single paragraph that gives 3 to 5 brief, description of the role, that candidates will find most exciting.  Also what success in the position looks like, and how it fits into the company or organisation overall.


As a UK Connect Sales Manager, you will develop and manage a small team of 3 Customer Account managers who look after our existing customers, as well as driving the financial results by growing new business.

The key results our business is looking for is someone who can focus 70% of the time on developing our existing customers ensuring that they are taking all solutions available to them as well as looking for other opportunities.

The successful candidate will have developed their career via the sales route and been exposed heavily to a tender based environment.

You will have the ability to grow your team and put in bids for marketing funding. You will also spend time working on new business, identifying new customers and matching them with an account manager who can fully support the customer’s needs.

Job requirements

List between 4 and seven main duties the successful applicant will be expected to undertake. Also, Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and ownership of the business. It can be helpful to use bullet points in this section as well.

State whether your candidate needs qualifications, for example, specific A-levels, certificates or a degree. Make sure to be specific about whether these qualifications are vital to be considered for the role,


Providing effective, inspiring leadership and strategic direction to the sales function, to achieve aggressive growth and profitability targets set out in the business plan.

Oversee and manage a team of Sales and Account Manager personnel.

In conjunction with the UK M.D., setting out the strategic direction of the business, identifying new revenue channels and alliance partners and to be proactive in bringing these to the table.

Experience in managing and implementing change successfully, with the ability to communicate a clear, strategic sales vision, effectively training and coaching of the team is essential.

Company information

Tell your company story that applicants want to know. What makes this position different from other roles in the same sector and what makes your company distinctive from other companies.


We have an exciting opportunity for a Brand Specialist to join our menswear team within the luxury footwear room in Selfridges, London. This gorgeous space focuses on heritage brands including Churches as well as handmade Italian brands Santoni and Sutor Mantelassi to name a few.

Responsible for the daily operating of the Michael Kors Collection concession within Harrods (retail partner), merchandise and customer service.  Ensure the support and partnership of retail partners’ associates for the benefit of the Michael Kors concession business.

To work successfully within this luxury environment you will need to put exceptional service and product knowledge first. If you enjoy working in a creative, fast-paced environment, then we would love to hear from you!

 Call to action

What is the next step

Next steps make sure to include clear instructions on how and where to apply. Including the name of a contact person and a reference number. For a candidate to quote. So you can track all your applications.

Don’t let them get away

The most important part of any job ad is closing the deal.
This means using persuasive language to add a sense of urgency to your vacancy – whether it’s through phrases like ‘apply today’, ‘don’t miss this incredible opportunity’, or ‘expires soon’.
Without a simple conclusive sentence like this, you might find that candidates are inclined to click off and come back to it another day (by which time it might be gone), or worse, lack the push they needed to apply at all.

Check, (and check again)

So before you put your advert live, proof read it more than once – checking for typos, grammatical errors,
Having a colleague check over it is also a great way to avoid any overlooked mistakes.

In summary

  • Follow our simple structure and make sure you include only the relevant information, and you will saving money.
  • Basic mistakes in your job advert can look unprofessional, Make sure employees and colleagues proofread your advert.
  • Use search-friendly keywords throughout the advert, to attract passive online job seekers.

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