How to write hobbies on a CV

How to write about hobbies on your CV.

Here are our top tips on how to make this section more effective.

How to write hobbies on a CV

This section of an application form is of opportunity to showcase your personality. The interest and hobbies section on your CV, if well executed can even compensate for the lack of experience or education. Although most CV’s are alike, you should always ensure your document is geared towards the specific audience who will be reading it, taking into account what they want from you as an applicant.

It is important to note, that your hobbies do not even necessarily need to be related to the role directly. There will be many transferable skills which may come across in your hobbies and be applicable to your application.

When including hobbies style can be just as important as substance. Numbers and bullet points are fine, but should not just be a list of activities without some context. The most effective CV’s have hobbies that relate and backup everything that a potential employer has read so far before getting to this point.

An example could be:

‘a weekly netball game with friends, becomes a lot more attractive when written as ‘successfully organised a range of regional netball tournaments, including managing all arrangements, booking the venue and registering participants, while supporting my team.’

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