Job application form checklist

CV and cover letter, references Our guide talks you through getting your CV and cover letter, references including who you should ask and how to get in touch with them.

The most important step when applying for a job.

For many jobs, you will be asked to send in a CV and cover letter.

Job application form checklist

For many jobs, you will be asked to send in a CV and cover letter, however, most employers still require you to complete an application form instead. The most important step when applying for a job is to complete the application form that show’s potential employers that you deserve to be shortlisted for an interview.

If you are completing a job application form online via the company’s website, ensure you can print off and can access paper copies as this may prove vital when sending this off in the post. You aim to show to a potential employer that you are suited to the vacancy and competent in ensuring it is received via email and hard copy.

Gathering information before you start

Before you start filling out the application form for a job you want to apply for straight away, take some time to prepare and gather all of the information you will need and wish to include, this will make the task much easier and save time.

Ensure you have, for example, details of your education history and achievements, employment history, contact information for references.

Read the job description and personal specification so that you can refer back to specific skills, qualifications, and experience that the employer is looking for.

Make sure you research the company and understand the sector they work in and their main competitors (if applicable).

Finally, read the instructions carefully several times to ensure you complete the right sections of the form and always ensure you know when the deadline is to return the form before the time.

When applying for a job online and completing the application form

If you are completing an application form online. Make sure you save your work as you go along, most employer’s websites, registering your details means you do not have to finish in one sitting, as this will be saved, but check this is possible before you start.

Ensure you can amend previous answers before you submit the form. It is best practice and often more comfortable to type your answer in a word document, rather than directly on the application form or web browser, then copy and paste into the application form, having the word count already done. This will ensure that your logged-in-session is not time-out, which can lead to you losing your flow and progress.

When copying and pasting, make sure the formatting of the text is the same and looks right, otherwise if you have gone over the word count the online form may cut off the end to an answer.

Always print your completed application form and read before you click submit, it is much easier to check and spot spelling and grammar mistakes on the printed page than on screen.

Check that you have attached any required documentation, such as your CV, and send your application form by pressing the submit button. You should receive an email confirmation that your form has been received. Good luck

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