The Brexit procedure

The negotiations among Britain’s exit from the EU are sincerely predicted to be very complicated and could potentially prove contentious.

It may be expected that there may be debates about how nicely establishments, inclusive of the UK government, or individuals, including, Donald Tusk President of the European Council, are coping with the system, as well as possible the merits of the procedure itself.

The only plausible alternative to a so-called “hard Brexit” is “no Brexit”, according to Donald Tusk. The European Council president made the claim as he addressed the European Policy Centre.

will not be given extensive access to the EU’s single-market if the British government rejects free movement of people.


Donald Tusk. The European Council

This section covers citizens’ opinions of the way the UK’s exit from the EU is being treated. Their perceptions of these participating inside the procedure, and whether they would really like it handled with a different political party.

The poll questions, which political party you think would handle the problem best? Britain’s exit from the EU.


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