Austerity and Brexit, what will change

For many in society, austerity has brought nothing but misery and has not done what the government claimed it would when first introduced.

History may show that working class people are amongst the first to feel the impact of economic downturn and further impact on employment, housing, education health and wellbeing.

Austerity and Brexit

There is no doubt that austerity measure has exacerbated the situation, affecting jobs and services at a time when they are needed the most.

The government plans are nothing less than the systematic, unravelling of the welfare state and an attack on equalities. That has seen the weakening of equality legislation and drastic cuts to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Set up to protect and enforce this very same equality legislation.

With the triggering of article 50 and the start of the Brexit negotiations being imminent. The snap General Election called by Theresa May for 8th June. Have made the financial markets unstable and caused further unease as we move towards several defining moments in the history of the UK.

UK and EU Citizens

Achieving equality of opportunity for UK and EU Citizens should be an intrinsic part of strengthening our bargaining and negotiations in the months and years ahead.

Protecting public services, fighting poverty, challenging injustice, eliminating discrimination and building a society that is fair for all should be the focuses points for the UK exiting the European Union.

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