The government-commissioned review conducted by Baroness McGregor-Smith on Race within the workplace

This 96-page study have some key recommendations ‎and Jobyet welcome the statement during this report

Too many people are uncomfortable talking about race, but this has to change. If we are to truly be inclusive and build on the widest pool of talent ‎and create a diverse workforce.

The issue of unconscious or conscious bias appears to be a new concept replacing the terminology institutionalised racism‎,

however, the facts are clear, that change has to come from the very top, and the idea of a road map to success as identified in the review is a starting point.

  • Gather data
  • Take accountability
  • Raise awareness
  • Examine recruitment
  • Change processes

The response from the government in their 6-page reply is overall encouraging, but it would appear that the main areas to take some decisive action, within the form of legislation as recommended by McGregor-Smith will not be pursued at this time.

The government statement response:

We encourage all employers to take on board the compelling case you make for action and accept the recommendations you make.

will still hold employers whether or not it is within the public or private sector with a much-fragmented ‎workforce, zero hour contracts and an ever increasing cut to essential service.
We should hold this government to account on this. However, things develop over the next 12 months. As we all know a diverse workforce brings a diversity of people, with a variety of skills, knowledge and experience to deliver larger flexibility.
Creative thinking and productivity and a culture change that may enable a greater insight into untapped markets and communities.

It is essential that a comprehensive guide for business, on how to talk about race in the workplace as recommended by McGregor-Smith. Is produced and diversity targets reviewed annually.

UNISON, as well as the TUC, have been calling for this type of initiative for many years and with this industry-led review will ensure the key ‎recommendations proposed are taken on board where necessary and raise awareness with our members throughout. [yop_poll id=”8″]

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