Here’s a Secret step-by-step guide, to negotiate a better salary.

One of the best ways to increase your income is through salary negotiations. Candidates who negotiate generally earn much more than those who don’t.

How to Asnwer: What are your salary expectations?

What are your salary requirements?

A salary requirement is the amount of compensation a person needs to accept a position. Some employers ask job applicants to include your salary requirements in your cover letter when they apply for a job. Be prepared by knowing your worth.

Salary requirements are based on several factors such as the industry, prior salary history, your skills previous experience, and cost of living.

Negotiate Your Salary

Spend some time research industry reports of salary ranges to figure out the going rate for the job, and comparable salaries from local and industry sources and job sites such as But you can nevermore guess how much the company values the position for which they are interviewing you. So don’t give the first number.

When there are two good negotiators in the room, each person will try to get the other to give the first number. So if you request a salary lower than the range for that position, the interviewer will say nothing.

Put the highest number in that range that applies, to your experience, education, and skills. Make your first offers be aggressive, but have room to be flexible. Discuss what my responsibilities would be here and then determine a fair salary for this job.

Focus on your best price,  In other words, I respect myself and get your fair salary.