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How Job and Skill Shortage Affects the UK : jobyet.co.uk

Skill shortage in the UK

There seems to be a problem facing the UK. With the realisation that a lack of talent and skill shortage means.

That people are mismatched, for jobs required to ensure the UK economy grows. Employers are finding it difficult to fill positions according to the Employer Skills Survey (ESS).

The survey interviewed more than 90,000 employers. Which is circulated every two years, and the latest data is referring to 2013.

UKCES – Industry statistics-Employer Skills Survey

Employer Skills Survey with an online report dated 6th June 2017 claims businesses are struggling as the UK are exiting the EU.
The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) found in its research among 400 recruitment agencies that candidates have reduced.

REC director of policy Tom Hadley

“the challenges facing the next government are stark,  adding: Official data shows unemployment has dropped to the lowest level since 1975, and EU citizens are leaving the UK in droves.
The NHS, first example, is becoming increasingly reliant on the short-term cover to fill gaps in hospital rotas because there aren’t enough nurses to take permanent roles”  he further says
“whichever party forms the next government must focus on improving the employability of our young people and boosting inclusion for under-represented groups”

We believe Britain face a deficit of over three million skilled workers during the next four decades.

If qualified graduates and apprentices are not addressed urgently, a new 2017 study has shown. Teachers are required most, seconded by builders and nurses.

In light of this information, it is clear that the UK needs more skilled workers, not fewer.

Therefore can only help businesses grow. Public services to be maintained at a high level of quality, and to deliver excellent service.

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