How to deal with stress

Happy New Year and welcome back. Donald Trump, Tube Strike, stressful morning and I’m not at work yet!

The term we used every day but line manager needs to recognise the signs and signals. Also you need to know how to prevent stress recurring in the first place.

Stress Symptoms

Stress is

The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures and demands placed on them”, according to the HSE.

Causes of stress

Work related stress – together we can tackle it

The key is to notice a change in the individual person’s behaviour. This can include a pounding heart or palpitations, a dry mouth, headaches, making mistakes, fear of failure, poor concentration, anxiety, and forgetfulness.

You may see stress in a team, things like splits and disaffection in a group, an increase in staff turnover, increase in complaints and grievances, increase in sickness and absences. An increase of reporting of stress, difficulty in recruiting new employees, customer complaints poor performance.

The employer has a legal duty to ensure health and safety and welfare of their employees as far as reasonably practical. Even if an employer has not raised a concern, line managers should be alert to a possibility of stress.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Managers should take some steps to prevent stress occurring. Keep in touch and be aware of employees and their stress levels and team stress, a quick word to a colleague can be helpful but appropriate support needs to be provided.

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