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You had your say on 23rd June and the choice was Brexit, with the political meltdown after the vote to leave the EU left the United Kingdom a place of confusion, hateful attacks, and uncertainty.

Here were the two sides of one of the argument that made 51% of the UK minds up, and 48% which still in shock

Vote remain said

“A stronger economy – the EU membership adds up to £91 billion a year to the UK economy (Source CBI), meaning more money to invest in the NHS. Stronger leadership on the world stage in shaping our future by sitting at the top table. We are getting more out than we put in for every pound we put into the EU, we get almost £10 back in lower prices, more jobs and more investment “(Source: HMT, CBI).

Vote leave said

“The EU cost us £350 million a week, that’s about the same as the cost of building a new NHS hospital every week or hiring 600,000 nurses. We get less than half of this back and have no control over how it’s spent. Let’s take back control and spend our money on our priorities like the NHS”.

Vote remain said

“Safer in the EU – fighting cross-border crime, the European Arrest Warrant allows us to deport criminals from the UK and catch those fleeing justice across Europe. Tackling global threats like terrorism and climate change. With global threats that don’t stop at borders, strength in numbers through the EU keeps UK families safer and protects our future”

Vote leave said

“EU laws control UK migration policy. More than a quarter of a million people came to the UK from the EU in the last 12 months, the equivalent of a city the size of Newcastle. If this continues for a decade there will be over two million extra people. EU law means all members must accept ‘free movement of people’. Many migrants contribute to society. They also affect public services”

Vote remain said

“Better off, more jobs, over 3 million UK jobs are linked to our trade with the EU, that’s one in ten jobs. (Source: HMT). Lower prices for families, competition between businesses across Europe means lower prices in UK shops, cheaper flights and lower energy bills (Source: European Commission, CEBR). More trade for business, 200,000 UK businesses trade with EU countries and its home to almost half our exports” (Source: HMRC, ONS).

Vote leave said

“The EU is growing. When we joined, there were 9 members’ states. Now there are 28, the most recent being Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. Five more countries are in the process of joining, including Turkey. When they join, they will have the same rights as other members”.

With the political elite looking to blame each other, the Conservatives electing ( Theresa May Twitter) as Prime Minister. The Labour Party distracted and on a Collison course with the leadership contest between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith – who is going to bring some stability to that situation.The trade unions have a vital role to play, the SNP are exploring their options to call another referendum on Independence to ensure they remain in the EU, the Ireland debate and

The trade unions have a vital role to play, the SNP are exploring their options to call another referendum on Independence to ensure they remain in the EU, the Ireland debate and border discussion – the financial markets are still unsteady and major companies looking at alternative options.

Is the UK open for business? Or will businesses start packing up their bags and getting on the first ferry out of here? Where will the UK and the Brexit decision take us?

Financial Times article by Steve Bernard, Matthew Vincent and David Blood

See how Britain’s vote to leave the EU has affected companies from HSBC to easyJet. Which have announced job cuts and profit warnings – or committed to new UK investments and merger and acquisition deals? Read more


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