Young people searching for jobs

At we draw in a significant number of young people searching for jobs. Some are searching for part-time weekend and evening work. To help fund their education.

Others are searching for temporary positions, or graduate occupations and some school leavers who are hoping to start their apprenticeship.

While these young people may be searching for work of various types, and many reasons, they all have a couple of things in like. They are all energetic, intelligent and willing to learn. They need to advance in their picked professions and build up the abilities expected to succeed, in their chosen career.

So, why do we have the constant need to bridge the UK skills gap? Why are our young people, regardless of whether at a college or school leavers. Not prepared to apply for some jobs?

We understand that as those first available jobs go unfilled. This will be damaging to the British economy and furthermore have a significant impact in other countries around the world.

Things being what they are, Is there a group of organisations that can solve the problem, or does there needs to be a coordinated effort between different groups and agencies. Also, Businesses need to play their part too.  We will look at the role of employers, and how they can help in bridging skills shortages.

Employers can do to help

When you are recruiting young staff, does your eye quickly scan down the application or CV and see any expectation of discovering those key abilities you are searching for?

Are your new employee’s enlisted people prepared to fill your opening? Has the degree or the capability that your applicant has done enough. If not, is there something you could do as a business to get your graduate or school leavers up to speed? How about we investigate a few proposals for making advances into fill those positions on their abilities.

Training and courses for new employees

Yes, they have skills added to their repertoire; however, young people and graduates are a long way from being the completed article when they apply for the job. Finding their first employment with you is a start, and they are anxious to do more; not only particularly on their part but rather their industry as a whole.

Constant interest in staff, after they have been employed, can then keep skills courses up to date. In-house training preparing, practical help and outside courses top-up.

Of course, the quality of the course is of vital importance. You can help your graduate volunteers to exceed expectations and furthermore keep their inspiration levels up. Because they know you are putting resources into them. So young people are anxious to learn and feel motivated in the working environment.

Offering apprenticeships for school leavers

School leavers who are not taking up a college course. There is another choice for employers to put resources into young people, get them into the working environment and urge them to exceed expectations.

Offering apprenticeships is an incredible, approach to benefit young people and your business and to begin that crossing over of employment

You may have considered offering apprenticeships in the past.  After having taken a look at the structure of your trade or company.

Chose that apprenticeship appeared to indulgent, a lot of printed material and pathways that may not be straightforward.

Significant to your working environment, it may be worth looking again. Bear in mind. There are subsidy and support.  Available for apprenticeships so you should not miss out.

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