the barrier to move could increase extensively, making it just as tricky to move to France or transport goods as it is to the US. … As the reality of the Post-Brexit playing field becomes clear in UK jobs marketplace. UK employers must pull together to shout louder to attract talent and work tougher to retain it.

British voters’ decision to leave the EU

Jobs marketplace proved remarkably resilient thru the financial crisis. Unemployment peaked at 8.5 percent in step with the cent in 2011 — a long way lower than expected given the drop in output — then began to fall at a pace that took us all by surprise. In 2013, the financial institution i.e. Bank of England announced it would hold interest rates at record lows until unemployment fell to 7 percent, which it predicted would take more than two years. It took just eight months.


The jobless rate is now 5 percent, the lowest when you consider that 2005. And not like within the US, where low unemployment disguises the truth, that many people have simply given up looking for work, inactivity in the UK is near record lows.

In sum, the labour marketplace entered this era of turmoil in a form and with a robust report on jobs. That is some comfort for the labour market.

Labour market

Because no one absolutely understands why employers cling on to workers via the last downturn, we can not recognise for positive they would do the same again. There also are a few companies, including investment banks, jobs that might flow  out of the United Kingdom due to Brexit.

The lesson is more sobering. The flip side of strong jobs growth in the United Kingdom has been terrible productivity and very litter wage increase.

Since Thursday’s referendum, we at website has seen a spike in people searching for jobs outside the UK.

The idea that Brexit would allow Britain to limit EU migration was a potent message for some voters. Ironically, by the time the UK actually closes the door. I hope the job market increase in 2017.

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