How to love your job

Not enjoying your job?.

Every day while at work try holding a conversation with someone new.

How to love your job

The majority of people do not love their job. Many like it some tolerate it, but marginal there are those who come across work they love that also supports their lifestyle.
Not enjoying your job? Then you may be focused on the negative aspects of it. To begin loving your role, you will need to recognise what you like about your job and start focusing on those positive aspects instead.
Loving your job can be tough especially if you are uninterested in the work you are doing. It can be even harder to like your post if you do not feel appreciated. If you are finding it difficult to love what you do, there are numerous ways that you can develop a more optimistic attitude towards your work.

To start loving your job, you can do things like

Modify the way that you work. You may need to adopt a different technique or change your approach to love your post. When work becomes tedious, it can become more challenging to face. In these situations, varying your approach to tasks undertaken might be helpful.
Put in writing all of the things that you like about your job. These can be small or big things. For instance, you might want your hours, your colleagues, your responsibilities, and the location of your workplace. Read through this list whenever you are feeling disillusioned about your job
Widen friendships at work. Get to know your colleagues this can make a difference to your working environment and it may improve your sense of happiness at work. You may even formulate new friends to spend time with outside of work in the process. Every day while at work try holding a conversation with someone new. Make an effort to develop good working relationships with the colleagues that you work with most frequently.

Personalising your space

Sitting at your desk or working in your workspace maybe more enjoyable if the area is inviting. The workplace is permitting customise your office or workstation. For example, add a photograph of you and your significant other, family, pet or add a small plant.

When all else fails

Occasionally work may become a chore if minute things start to trouble you more than they should. If you find yourself dwelling on trivial issues at work or negative thoughts continuously creep in. Unless you work in a family run business or you own the company. Remind yourself that what you are doing is a job and it is a means to an end. You do not have to love, or remotely like your overall job to profit from daily aspects of it.

How to hold onto your job

How to hold onto your job

Change is not easy A once-loved career is no longer stimulating or providing the once loved job satisfaction.

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